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Display instrumentation for use in hazardous and safe areas

This site was last updated on 22nd May 2024 to include the release of our Rugged 4/20mA Ex ec Panel mounting loop powered indicators

Product release Rugged 4/20mA Ex ec Panel mounting loop powered indicators

  • Ex ec & Ex tc certification eliminates the need for Zener barriers and galvanic isolators.
  • Large non multiplexed displays, models with:
  • 4 digits: 15mm high
    5 digits: 12.7mm high + bargraph
  • Rugged Stainless Steel cases for use in Ex e, Ex p and Ex t panel enclosures in Zones 2 & 22.
  • Internal calibrator
  • Root extractor and lineariser
  • Tare function
  • Optional:
  • Backlight - may be loop or separately powered
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Press release Ex ec panel mounting indicators arrive

BEKA have introduced two rugged panel mounting 4/20mA indicators compliant with the new increased safety Ex ec Zone 2 standard, which has now replaced Ex nA protection. 

The BA307SE indicator has four 15mm high digits and the BA327SE five 12.7mm high digits plus a 31 segment bargraph. They may be installed in an Ex e or Ex p enclosure located in Zone 2 without invalidating the enclosure’s certification. No Zener barrier or galvanic isolator is required, thus significantly reducing complexity and cost. 

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Press release 0323, August 2023, BEKA celebrates its 40th anniversary

BEKA associates, who specialise in the design, manufacture and sale of display instrumentation for use in flammable gas and combustible dust atmospheres, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2023.

Based in the historic area of central Hitchin, the company employs more than forty design, sales and production staff and now exports three quarters of its output worldwide. Owned by its directors, it retains its original objectives to provide reliable, cost effective instrumentation quickly...

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Press release 0223, May 2023. More Power to the IS load

BEKA associates have introduced two new Power Isolators which although primarily intended for powering their Pageant Operator Panels, may be used with any certified apparatus having compatible input safety parameters. 

Performing the same function as a conventional galvanic isolator, the new power isolators employ an alternative configuration which delivers more power into a hazardous area...

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Press release 0123, March 2023. Highly Commended Award for Pageant Intrinsically Safe Operator Panel

The technical innovation employed in BEKA associates new Pageant combined intrinsically safe Operator Panel and Programmable Logic Controller was recognised at the recent Hazardex conference and exhibition by the award of a Highly Commended certificate.

Pageant's state of the art, low power technology simplifies system design and reduces the cost of providing a combined operator display and PLC with plug-in input and output modules in almost any gas or dust hazardous area...

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Press release 0322, November 2022. Updated edition of BEKA AG300 Application Guide

BEKA associates have published issue 16 of Application Guide AG300 describing their extensive range of intrinsically safe 4/20mA loop powered indicators.

Featuring 13 panel and field mounting instruments, the updated guide aids model selection and provides a detailed description of international certifications, including the latest UKEX approvals...

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Product release Operator Panels, HMI, PLC, IO & Comms

  • Low cost, combined operator panel, PLC and I/O modules for use in hazardous areas.
  • Ex ia intrinsic safety certification allows installation in Zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22.
  • 7 inch Backlit screen
  • 8 Touch buttons with tricolour annunciators
  • IP66 Toughened glass and stainless steel front panel
  • Operator Display can accommodate:
  • 1 Plug-in CPU module including industry standard CODESYS® runtime PLC firmware.
    Up to 7 plug-in input and output modules
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Product release Ex eb and Ex tb 4/20mA Loop Powered Indicators

  • ATEX and IECEx Ex eb and Ex tb certification
  • Lower cost alternative for flameproof Ex d indicators
  • May be connected into any Zone 1, 2, 21 or 22 non IS loop
  • Large non multiplexed displays, models with:
  • 4 digits: 34mm high
    5 digits: 29mm high + bargraph
  • IP66 GRP enclosures
  • -40°C to +60°C operation
  • Root extractor, lineariser and tare function
  • Internal calibrator
  • Optional:
  • Backlight 
    Scale and tag labelling for no additional charge
    Engraved Stainless Steel legend plate
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Product release 'G' loop powered indicators now available in Stainless Steel enclosure

Press release 0122b, August 2022. New Intrinsically Safe Operator Panel & PLC - 150 words

BEKA associates have introduced Pageant, a new intrinsically safe combined Operator Panel and Programmable Logic Controller with plug-in input and output modules allowing direct connection to hazardous area sensors.

Pageant simplifies the design, reduces panel space requirements and the cost of providing operator displays and controls in hazardous areas...

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Press release 0122, August 2022. Pageant Intrinsically Safe Operator Panel & PLC - 398 words

BEKA associates have introduced Pageant, a new intrinsically safe combined Operator Panel and Programmable Logic Controller with plug-in input and output modules allowing direct connection to hazardous area sensors. Its optional Modbus RTU port can transmit data to other equipment in the safe or hazardous area and also enables it to be used as a remote Modbus RTU display...

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Press release 0121, August 2021. Video Tutorials Available For Hazardous Area Modbus Displays

BEKA associates have introduced three short video tutorials to assist the development of hazardous area applications using their BA484D and BA488C intrinsically safe serial text displays. These instruments display process variables, text and simple graphics in a hazardous area using either standard screens or a custom screen...

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Press release 0220, June 2020. BEKA associates appoints new MD

BEKA associates, the Hitchin based company specialising in process control displays for use in hazardous areas, has appointed Olivier Lebreton as its new Managing Director. Olivier joined BEKA in October 2013 and became Technical Director in June 2018.

As Managing Director Olivier will be responsible for all company operations, but will initially retain his technical director responsibilities...

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Press release 0120, May 2020. BEKA bears all !

The Teddy Bear Line a G scale garden railway in Bedfordshire is continuing to run a normal service during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of ongoing engineering works, a dynamometer car has recently been commissioned which employs a BEKA BA338E rate totaliser to measure and display train speed and the distance travelled. Originally designed and certified for installation in a flammable atmosphere, the panel mounting BA338E consumes very little power and is therefore ideal for this application...

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Press release 0519, October 2019. Less expensive alternative to Ex d indicators with large displays

BEKA associates have introduced two less expensive alternatives for flameproof Ex d loop powered indicators featuring large easy to read displays. 

The new IECEx and ATEX certified Ex eb instruments can be installed in Zones 1 and 2 in exactly the same way as a conventional flameproof Ex d 4/20mA loop powered indicator...

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Press release 0419, June 2019. New BEKA catalogue

BEKA associates have published a new catalogue which contains data sheets and background information for their extensive range of hazardous and safe area display products.

The 332 page catalogue introduces stainless steel loop powered indicators, plus field and panel mounting tachometers, totalisers, counters and timers...

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Press release 0319, April 2019. Stainless steel panel indicator has large digits

BEKA have announced two new rugged 316 stainless steel panel mounting, loop powered, indicators with large digits. Like the popular smaller models introduced in 2015, these new indicators have IECEx and ATEX intrinsically safe certification allowing installation in any panel.

They can also be safely installed in an Ex e increased safety enclosure located in Zone 1 or 2 without invalidating the enclosure's certification....

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Press release 0219, March 2019. New Tachometer Application Guide

BEKA associates have recently published a new Application Guide AG314 describing their extensive range of tachometers for use in safe and hazardous areas.

The guide includes comparison tables to aid selection of the most suitable panel or field mounting model, plus a detailed description of how the instruments function...

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Press release 1018, December 2018. New low cost intrinsically safe steady state beacon

BEKA associates have introduced a new low cost, intrinsically safe, steady state beacon which complements their well established intrinsically safe flashing beacons.

The new steady state BA386S beacon is available with a bright red, amber, green, blue or white continuous output. It has an IP66 enclosure with an internal brightness control and is ideal for hazardous area process or machine status indication...

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Press release 0718, December 2018. Stainless steel enclosure for large digit indicators

BEKA have introduced a 316 Stainless Steel enclosure option for their popular 'G' range field mounting 4/20mA loop powered indicators.

Designed for applications in marine and harsh environments, the new enclosure provides IP66 protection after a 7J impact to the enclosure, or a 4J impact to the toughened glass window. The GRP enclosure option which has the same impact and IP66 ingress protection remains available...

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Press release 0618, June 2018. BEKA panel lamps gain dust certification

BA390 intrinsically safe panel lamps from BEKA associates now have IECEx and ATEX dust certification in addition to their original gas approval.

Permitting installation in all dust Zones, this additional certification further extends the applications for this extensive range of panel mounting LED lamps...

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Press release 0518, January 2018. BEKA beacon and sounder gain IECEx certification

BEKA associates BA386 intrinsically safe LED flashing beacon and BR385 intrinsically safe sounder now have IECEx certification in addition to their original ATEX and FM approvals.

Both are industry proven, have IP66 protection and may be installed in all Zones and used with most hazardous industrial gases.

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