Fieldbus displays

Display instrumentation for use in hazardous and safe areas
Fieldbus displays


  • Bus powered
  • 11 standard screens with up to 8 variables on each some with bargraphs.
  • Compatible with all common fieldbus hosts
  • Backlight
  • Models for:
  • FOUNDATION™ fieldbus protocol
  • PROFIBUS PA protocol
    Intrinsically safe Ex ia applications
    General purpose applications
    Field and panel mounting
  • Accessories:
  • Alarms
    Pipe mounting kits
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These versatile instruments have eleven selectable standard screen formats containing one, two, three, four or eight fieldbus process variables, some with bargraphs, together with units of measurement and descriptions. Up to eight fieldbus variables may therefore be viewed simultaneously on a single display screen. Front panel push buttons allow the operator to scroll between screens.

These fieldbus displays are compatable with all common FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA host. See Total capability for intelligent displays and indicators.

For more information, please choose the model which best suits your application from the tables below.

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Eight variable FOUNDATION™ fieldbus displays - ITK 6.3 compliant

Eight variable PROFIBUS PA displays