BEKA associates introduce Fieldbus Displays

Display instrumentation for use in hazardous and safe areas
BEKA associates introduce Fieldbus Displays

November 2004

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BEKA associates introduce Fieldbus Displays

Although some fieldbus instruments such as transmitters incorporate a display they are often small and difficult to read, particularly when the instrument is mounted in a remote location. BEKA associates have therefore introduced a range of Fieldbus Foundation and PROFIBUS PA Fieldbus Displays which can display up to eight process variables together with their units of measurement and tag information on an easy to read 86 x 45mm backlit display. This new range of bus powered instruments includes ATEX certified FISCO compliant intrinsically safe models.

To simplify commissioning, all models incorporate standard screen formats which display one, two or four fieldbus variables, or one variable plus a bargraph. The fieldbus variables to be displayed and the required display format are selected during commissioning, after which the operator can select the required screen via the front panel push-buttons or, if all the required variables are shown on one screen, the buttons may be disabled. For applications where the standard screen formats are not adequate, custom screens including text, simple graphics and fieldbus variables may be down loaded to the instrument. A comprehensive programming guide which explains how to design custom screens is available from the BEKA website.

The front panel push-buttons can also be used to return operator acknowledgements or, if large industrial push-buttons are required for operator inputs, external push-buttons or switches may be connected directly to the Fieldbus Display.

All Fieldbus Display models can be supplied with six isolated alarm outputs, each of which may be linked to any of the displayed fieldbus variables. Alarm setpoints may be entered via the fieldbus or the front panel push-buttons which may be protected by a security code.

BEKA Fieldbus Displays are available for use with Fieldbus Foundation or PROFIBUS PA systems in field and panel mounting enclosures. The field mounting instruments are housed in a robust IP66 glass reinforced polyester (GRP) enclosure with a toughened glass window that may be surface mounted, or pipe mounted using one of the accessory kits. The panel mounting models have an IP65 front panel with a gasket to seal the joint between the instrument and the panel.

For applications in potentially flammable atmospheres, panel and field mounting models have Group II Category 1G ATEX EEx ia IIC T4 intrinsic safety certification and are FISCO compliant, allowing installation in most hazardous areas. Further international hazardous area certification will become available during 2005.

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