New Communications Isolator for Intrinsically Safe BEKA Serial Text Displays

New Communications Isolator for Intrinsically Safe BEKA Serial Text Displays

Decemeber 2007

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New Communications Isolator for Intrinsically Safe BEKA Serial Text Displays

It is now even easier to use BEKA intrinsically safe Serial Text Displays thanks to the new BA201 Communications Isolator. This dedicated interface provides intrinsically safe galvanic isolation for power and data, plus conversion of safe area serial data into the two or three wire power and communications signalling system required by BEKA Serial Text Displays which display text and simple graphics in a hazardous area. These displays incorporate push-buttons plus two solid state outputs and include Modbus protocol making them ideal as a low cost operator interface for simple hazardous area machine and process control applications. The field mounting BA484D has a robust IP66 GRP enclosure and the BA488C provides the same functions in a panel mounting format.

The new BA201 Communications Isolator has RS232 and RS485 safe area ports enabling multi-drop display systems to be constructed. Depending upon the wiring configuration used, up to four BA484D or BA488C serial text displays may be connected to each isolator. No isolator configuration is required, the BA201 automatically operates at any text display communication rate and detects which of the two safe area ports is being used. Electrical isolation between input, output and the power supply allows the BA201 to be powered from any earthed or floating 20 to 35V dc supply.

The BA201 Communications Isolator has ATEX and IECEx [Ex ia] IIC intrinsic safety certification, plus FM and CFM intrinsic safety and nonincendive approval for North American installations. These associated apparatus approvals allow the BA201 to be installed in a safe area and to power and communicate with BEKA Serial Text Displays located in any hazardous area Zone or Division.

The BA201 Communications Isolator is DIN rail mounting so it can easily be installed alongside other galvanic isolators and Zener barriers. Four green LEDs indicate the isolator status showing when power is connected and when data is being received and transmitted.

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