Rotary encoder with quadrature output

Rotary encoder with quadrature output

February 2014

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Rotary encoder with quadrature output

A new robust rotary control knob has been introduced by BEKA associates which allows variables to be easily adjusted from within a process area. For many applications requiring precise adjustment an analogue manual control offers significant advantages over conventional up and down push buttons. The BA490 has a 20mm diameter black anodised high resolution control knob, is single hole mounting and has IP65 front of panel protection. It has a three-wire quadrature contact output that will interface with any instrument such as a PLC or a BEKA set point station having a quadrature input.

For hazardous area applications the BA490 complies with the requirements for Simple Apparatus allowing it to be directly connected to most intrinsically safe apparatus and circuits within a hazardous area without the need for additional certification.

An optional accessory increases the rear protection from IP20 to IP65 and includes an adjustable compression cable gland allowing the BA490 to be installed in open panels.

For further information including datasheets, certificates and instruction manuals please visit or phone the BEKA sales office on 01462 438301

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