Intrinsically Safe Graphic Display

Intrinsically Safe Graphic Display

February 2003

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Intrinsically Safe Graphic Display

BEKA associates have introduced an intrinsically safe panel mounting instrument that can display text and simple graphics in a hazardous area. Incorporating six push-buttons and two solid state outputs, the BA488C is a low cost operator interface for simple machine and process control applications.

The 86 x 45mm high contrast LCD screen is backlit and can be read in all lighting conditions. Power and bi-directional data are transmitted from the safe area via a galvanic isolator. Up to four displays may be connected to one IS circuit and 14 to one multidrop system.

ATEX Group II Category 1G (EEx ia IIC T5) certification and an IP65 sealed front panel allow the BA488C to be installed in almost any gas hazardous area.

The BA488C is a drop-in replacement for the MTL644 IS text display. Without changing the host software or the galvanic isolator powering the display, the BEKA replacement provides display backlighting and ATEX certification. Updating the host software will allow all the enhanced facilities of the BA488C to be used.

A comprehensive Programming Guide and simulator for programme development which will run on a personal computer may be downloaded from

For field mounting applications, the BA484D provides similar facilities in a robust IP66 GRP enclosure.

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