New Profibus Indicators for Hazardous & Safe Areas

New Profibus Indicators for Hazardous & Safe Areas

August 2010

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New Profibus Indicators for Hazardous & Safe Areas

BEKA associates have introduced five new eight variable Profibus indicators with large digits to compliment their well-established Profibus displays that are already being used in petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants worldwide. The new range comprises economical field and panel mounting intrinsically safe models, a field mounting Type n instrument for Zone 2 applications, plus field and panel mounting indicators for use in safe areas.

The new models feature a large, easy to read 5 digit display, plus a 31 segment bargraph providing maximum visibility. One of up to eight pre-configured process variables is displayed, the displayed variable being selected by scrolling-through the pre-configured variables using the indicator's up and down front panel push buttons.

Each Profibus indicator may be configured as a fieldbus Listener or as a fieldbus Node. When configured as a Listener the indicator is not visible to the fieldbus host; may not be subject to a Node Licence Fee and is configured and controlled via the instrument's push buttons. As a fieldbus Node the indicator is configured via the fieldbus host, but the indicator's fieldbus address may be entered via the instrument's push buttons, which may also be used to return operator acknowledgements to the host.

The field and panel mounting intrinsically safe models have ATEX, IECEx, FM and cFM certification permitting installation in most gas hazardous area, the field mounting indicator also has dust certification. For applications in Zone 2 or 22, the BA444NDF has Type nL, nA and tD approval permitting installation without the need for Zener barriers or galvanic isolators thus significantly reducing installation cost.

The field mounting models have a robust IP66 GRP enclosure with an armoured glass window which is suitable for installation in harsh industrial and offshore environments. A separate terminal compartment with forward facing terminals simplifies installation and maintenance. Accessories include pipe-mounting kits and stainless steel tag plates, which can be supplied etched with customer specified tag and application information.

The panel mounting indicators have a 144 x 72 DIN enclosure with an IP66 front panel and a gasket to seal the joint between the instrument and the mounting panel which allows them to be hosed-down.

Accessories include pipe mounting kits and display escutcheons printed with customer specified application and tag information; alternatively for applications requiring a stainless steel tag, the transmitter can be supplied with a custom etched stainless steel legend plate secured to the front of the instrument.

As with all BEKA products, these new indicators are supplied calibrated to customer requirements free of charge and have a three year guarantee. For customers wishing to evaluate a new Profibus indicator, BEKA operate a free three month sale or return evaluation service.

For further information including datasheets, certificates and instruction manuals please visit or phone the BEKA sales office on +44 (0) 1462 438301

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