BEKA beacon gains IECEx certification

BEKA beacon gains IECEx certification

January 2018

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BEKA beacon gains IECEx certification

BEKA associates BA386 intrinsically safe LED flashing beacon now has IECEx certification in addition to it's original ATEX and FM approvals. Industry proven and available with a red, amber, green, blue or white output, the beacon produces two bright double flashes per second. It is housed in an IP66 enclosure that may be installed in all Zones and used with most hazardous industrial gases.

The BA386 beacon may be used alone, or in conjunction with a BEKA BR385 intrinsically safe sounder. The high efficiency of the BA386 enables the beacon and the sounder to be powered from the same Zener barrier or galvanic isolator, which reduces purchase and installation costs.

The beacon incorporates an alarm accept function enabling an operator to silence the associated sounder for a pre-set time by operating an external push button, but leave the beacon flashing at twice its normal rate. If the alarm is not cleared, the sounder will be reactivated at the end of the silence time. The sounder silence time may be pre-set for between 1 and 30 minutes by an internal control.

For further information including datasheets and certificates please visit or phone the BEKA sales office on 01462 438301.

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