New Tachometer Application Guide

New Tachometer Application Guide

March 2019

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New Tachometer Application Guide

BEKA associates have recently published a new Application Guide AG314 describing their extensive range of tachometers for use in safe and hazardous areas. The guide includes comparison tables to aid selection of the most suitable panel or field mounting model, plus a detailed description of how the instruments function. The guide also explains instrument configuration and includes practical configuration examples. This range of tachometers can operate with most common types of sensor including proximity detectors, voltage pulses and magnetic pick-offs. Configuration is simple and will be familiar to many users as it employs the same basic menu and terminology as all other BEKA instruments.

In addition to the general purpose models, Application Guide AG314 describes the internationally certified intrinsically safe Ex ia models which enable speed measurements to be made in all gas and dust hazardous areas. For lower risk applications in Zone 2, the Ex nA certified models which can be installed without the need for a Zener barrier or a galvanic isolator are also included.

The guide concludes with a description of tachometer accessories including display backlights, alarm outputs, plus isolated pulse and 4/20mA outputs for retransmission applications.

To read the guide please follow the link, or to request a printed copy contact BEKA on 01462 438301.

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