BEKA panel lamps gain dust certification

BEKA panel lamps gain dust certification

June 2018

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BEKA panel lamps gain dust certification

BA390 intrinsically safe panel lamps from BEKA associates now have IECEx and ATEX dust certification in addition to their original gas approval. Permitting installation in all dust Zones, this additional certification further extends the applications for this extensive range of panel mounting LED lamps.

Available in five different well defined colours, all the lamps incorporate a 20mA current regulator which maintains a constant lamp brightness independent of supply voltage variations. Mounted in an industry standard 22.5mm diameter hole, the front of the lamp has IP66 protection making it suitable for installation in areas which will be washed with a hose. The lamps terminals have IP20 protection, which can be increased to IP66 by an optional BA599 rear sealing kit which includes a gland to seal and support the connecting cable.

Also included in this range of panel lamps are very low current intrinsically safe BA390S models which have been optimised to provide guaranteed performance at 4mA, but will continue to function at lower currents. These do not incorporate a current regulator and their high efficiency allows them to be powered by almost any intrinsically safe voltage source such as a logic signal, or an output from a multiple I/O fieldbus module.

In addition to IECEx and ATEX certification, all intrinsically safe models have FM approval for use in hazardous gas atmospheres.

Uncertified BA590 models are available for applications in non-hazardous areas.

For further information including datasheets and certificates please visit or phone the BEKA sales office on 01462 438301.

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