Single Variable Fieldbus Indicators Introduced

Single Variable Fieldbus Indicators Introduced

January 2007

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Single Variable Fieldbus Indicators Introduced

Following the success of their 8 variable fieldbus displays BEKA associates have launched a complementary range of single variable fieldbus indicators. These new cost effective instruments have a bold 20mm high five digit display, plus a 31 segment analogue bargraph providing an easy to read, high contrast display in almost all lighting conditions.

All models have been registered by The FIELDBUS Foundation™ and are bus powered, but only consume 13mA allowing connection to most fieldbus segments.

Field and panel mounting models are now available from stock and both use the proven technology employed in the BEKA fieldbus displays which are already in world-wide use. To maximise system compatibility, the new fieldbus indicators use an Input Selector fieldbus function block which is supported by most fieldbus hosts, thus allowing connection to nearly all common systems.

The field mounting models have an IP66 GRP enclosure with a toughened glass window and a separate terminal compartment. They are surface mounting but can be mounted onto a vertical or horizontal pipe using an accessory kit. Units of measurement and tag information can be marked onto the display escutcheon or engraved onto an optional stainless steel plate.

The panel mounting models are housed in a 144 x 72mm DIN enclosure with an IP66 front panel and a gasket to seal the joint between the indicator and the instrument panel.

Intrinsically safe models with ATEX, FM, CFM and IECEx approvals allow installation in most gas hazardous areas including Zones/Division 1. Field mounting models can also be supplied for use with combustible dusts.

For less onerous Zone 2 hazardous areas, an ATEX and IECEx certified Type nL field mounting model is available for use in flammable gases or combustible dusts. For Division 2 applications in North America, the intrinsically safe models also have FM and CFM nonincendive approval.

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