Flow batch controllers


  • All models accept pulse or 4/20mA inputs
  • Easy to configure and use
  • High contrast graphic display with backlight
  • 9 setpoints
  • 3 configurable outputs
  • Models for:
        Intrinsically safe Ex i applications
        General purpose applications
        Field and panel mounting
  • Accessories:
        Pipe mounting kits
        Scale and tagging
        Additional outputs
  • Three year guarantee

These robust easy to use and configure Flow Batch Controllers are ideal for dispensing liquids, solids or components. Three isolated control outputs enable one, two or even three stage control to be performed. Up to nine setpoints may be entered and named for easy operator selection.

All models accept a pulse or a 4/20mA input and incorporate a square root extractor and sixteen point adjustable lineariser allowing the controller to be used with almost any flowmeter. User screens, which may be in English, French or German, can be selected so that only essential information is presented to the operator and external control push buttons may be connected.

Batch Controllers can be supplied ready to install with customer specified calibration, scale and tagging.

For more information, please choose the model which best suits your application from the table below.

Intrinsically safe,
field mounting
Batch controller, Intrinsically safe, field mounting
Intrinsically safe,
panel mounting
Batch controller, Intrinsically safe, panel mounting
General purpose,
field mounting
Batch controller, General purpose, field mounting
General purpose,
panel mounting
Batch controller, General purpose, panel mounting