4/20mA Loop powered indicators, Intrinsically safe, field mounting

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  • ATEX, IECEx, USA & Canadian intrinsic safety certification.
  • Large non multiplexed displays, models with:
        4 digits: 34mm high
        5 digits: 29mm high + bargraph
  • IP66 GRP enclosure
  • -40°C to +70°C operation
  • Internal calibrator
  • Root extractor and lineariser
  • Tare function
  • Optional:
        Backlight - may be loop or separately powered
        Slide-in scale and tag labelling
        Etched stainless steel legend plate
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These compact fourth generation intrinsically safe 4/20mA loop powered indicators have large high contrast displays with a very wide viewing angle. Operating over an extended temperature range they contain many standard features previously only available as options. Extensive thermal and vibration testing provides maximum reliability supported by a three year guarantee.

No additional charge is made for factory calibration or for scale and tag marking, although the indicators can easily be recalibrated on-site.

To select the model and options for your application please refer to the following table.




BA304G 4/20mA Loop powered indicator BA324G 4/20mA Loop powered indicator*
Mounting & Enclosure Field
122 x 120
Protection IP66
Display 4 digits 34mm high 5 digits 29mm high + bargraph
Europe ATEX Group II Category 1G Ex ia IIC T5 Ga -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ +70°C

Group II Category 1D Ex ia IIIC T80°C Da IP66, -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ +70°C
USA ETL & Canada cETL
Intrinsic safety
Class I, Div 1, Gp A, B, C, D T5(USA & Canada)
Class I, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC T5 Ga (USA)
-40°C ≤ Ta ≤ 70°C
Class II, Div 1, Gp E, F, G. Class III, Div 1(USA & Canada)
Zone 20 AEx ia IIIC T80°C Da (USA)
-40°C ≤ Ta ≤ 60°C
Ex ia T5 Ga -40°C ≤Ta ≤ 70°C (Canada)
Ex ia IIIC Da -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ 60°C (Canada)
USA ETL & Canada cETL
Class I, Div 2, Gp A, B, C, D T5
Class II, Div 2, Gp F, G
Class III, Div 2
-40°C ≤ Ta ≤ 70°C
International IECEx Ex ia IIC T5 Ga -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ +70°C

Ex ia IIIC T80°C Da IP66 -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ +70°C
Alarms Yes
which may be loop or separately powered
Escutcheon scale and tag labelling (no charge) Yes
Etched stainless
steel legend plate




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* Shown with optional backlight, separately powered.

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