Flow Batch controller, General purpose, field mounting

Flow Batch controller


  • Easy to use
  • High contrast display with backlight
  • Accepts pulse or 4/20mA input
  • 9 setpoints
  • 3 configurable outputs

Product details
This second generation, BA654D general purpose flow batch controller is ideal for accurately dispensing liquids, solids or components and despite its sophisticated control functions, it remains very easy to use and configure.

Our batch controllers have carefully designed display screens, which may be annotated in English, French or German, lead the user intuitively through the configuration options. The user screen may be selected so that only essential information is presented to the operator. The instrument accepts pulse or analogue 4/20mA inputs and incorporates a sixteen point lineariser and square root extractor making it usable with almost any flowmeter or sensor.

To select the options for your application please refer to the following table.

Model BA654D
Mounting Field
Protection IP66
Display High contrast 86.5mm x 45mm with backlight
3 galvanically isolated single pole,
solid state dc switches which may be
individually configured as control or status outputs.
3 additional single pole,
solid state dc switches which may
be configured as control or status outputs.

Mounting &
Downloads BA654D
Datasheet PDFDownload
Ingress certificate
Instruction manual PDFDownload
Declarations of Conformity PDFDownload
CAD files PDFDownload