Many basic questions about PROFIBUS PA have already been answered. Perhaps yours is one? Check below to find out. If you can't find an answer, please contact us and we will do our utmost to help.

There are two options - The easiest method is to use the local configuration menu. Alternatively, set the address during commissioning with the host software configuration package e.g. Siemens SIMATIC PDM or similar DPV1 configuration tool.

The BEKA PA version can be connected to the DP Network via a segment coupler or you can connect a BEKA serial text Display to the DP network via a DPV0 to Serial Gateway. Please refer to our sales team for more information.

The BEKA PROFIBUS PA units act solely as slaves and require the presence of a PROFIBUS PA master elsewhere on the system.

The Displays are fully active (addressable) node devices and as such can be seen on the system and are thereby fully configurable and can transmit and receive data. In contrast, the Indicators can be configured to function as either a listener or a node.

The integration of devices into PROFIBUS PA systems requires a GSD file, which is similar to the device description files required for FF integration. Most of the BEKA Displays and Indicators have also been tested with a number of third-party systems such as Siemens PDM - please refer to our sales team for the latest situation.

All BEKA Displays and Indicators can be fully configured before despatch, including their physical address, tag, scaling and units of measurement information. Alternatively, the PROFIBUS PA Displays and Indicators can be configured using a DPV1 configuration tool.

PROFIBUS PA is a Fieldbus-based communication system whereas PROFINET PA is an Ethernet based communication system. The latter therefore offers an easier way to integrate the Automation systems into company-wide IT-systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Automation system suppliers are now offering Interfaces for PROFIBUS PA as well as for PROFINET.

The diagram below shows where BEKA Indicators and Displays can be connected to a PROFINET network and the different types available.

Profibus diagram