BEKA Sale Team

Dave Turner

After completing his apprenticeship with Crompton Instruments, Dave migrated to become a senior product manager before joining the BEKA sales team in 2005. He has a wide knowledge of industrial instrumentation and in 2009 was appointed sales director having developed strong relationships with our customers and agents throughout the world.

Andy Clarke

Following 9 years at MTL where he was involved in product certification, new product introductions and sales, Andy joined BEKA as a field sales engineer in 1991. He has a vast knowledge of hazardous area techniques, applications and BEKA products. For over 20 years he has managed our sales office ensuring that we maintain our high levels of customer satisfaction.

Andrew Curtis

Since joining the BEKA production department as a trainee in 2012, Andrew has completed a 3 year engineering apprenticeship during which he transferred to the BEKA sales office. He now supports our customers throughout the south of England.

Mark Foster

Following a Taylor Instrument apprenticeship, Mark spent many years designing, installing and maintaining instrumentation for a variety of manufacturers and contractors in the UK, the Middle East and Australia. He now has more than 10 years experience with BEKA products and is great at solving problems.

Lorna Hill

After more than 12 years in our sales office, Lorna knows our customers, agents and couriers. She is responsible for overseas shipping and has extensive knowledge of export processes ensuring that everything happens on time.     

Laura Thompson

Laura had valuable sales and commercial experience in other industries before joining our production department in 2015. Having gained an understanding of BEKA products she transferred to the sales team in 2017.