Panel mounting Pulse input Externally powered Rate Totalisers

Display instrumentation for use in hazardous and safe areas

New panel mounting pulse input counters can perform most industrial counting operations in hazardous and safe areas including position indication.

Panel mounting Pulse input Externally powered Rate Totalisers


  • Separate rate and total flow displays
  • Simultaneous easy to read rate and total displays
  • Models with international intrinsic safety certification
  • New small 96 x 48mm instruments
  • Rugged intrinsically safe instrument with stainless steel enclosure certified for installation in Ex e, Ex n, Ex p or Ex t panel enclosures without invalidating certification of the enclosure.
  • Ex nA & Ex tc certified instrument for use in Zone 2 or 22 without Zener barriers or galvanic isolators.
  • Two input model which can display the sum or difference of the inputs.
  • Lineariser
  • Synchronous retransmitted isolated pulse output
  • Optional isolated dual alarm outputs
  • Optional isolated 4/20mA output

These new panel mounting externally powered Rate Totalisers are build on the experience gained from our previous two generations. The range offers a choice of instrument size, all with maximum size easy to read displays and an optional backlight. All models include a lineariser for maximum accuracy. They are easy to use and configure on-site, but can be supplied with customer specified configuration and scale marking showing units of measurement for no additional charge.

For more information, please choose the model which best suits your application from the tables below.

Pulse input Externally powered Rate Totalisers