Universal Counter, Timer, Tachometer and Clock for use in hazardous areas

Universal Counter, Timer, Tachometer and Clock for use in hazardous areas

May 2002

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Universal Counter, Timer, Tachometer and Clock for use in hazardous areas

BEKA associates have introduced five versions of a new universal Counter, Timer, Tachometer and Clock including ATEX certified intrinsically safe and Type nL models in field and panel mounting enclosures. These new instruments have dual displays and offer a host of functions which can easily be selected on-site without the need for calibration or programming equipment. Alternatively, an instrument can be supplied conditioned for a specific application at no extra cost.

All models can simultaneously count pulses from two sources whilst performing arithmetic functions, including decoding quadrature (90° out of phase) signals which enable the position, speed and direction of a shaft or cable to be displayed.

A full range of timing functions is included which can be started and stopped by external signals or from the integral push-buttons. The instrument may also be used to control the duration of any process and can be configured as a one shot timer with a pause function.

The tachometer function includes a novel adaptive measuring technique providing a stable display at low input frequencies. In addition to rotational speed per second, minute or hour on the main display, the smaller display can show machinery 'run-time' in hours.

When programmed as a clock the instrument will display local time in hours, minutes and seconds and may be synchronised with other clocks. Hazardous area processes may be controlled via two optional solid state outputs which may be set to switch on and off twice per day.

Accessories include alarms, pulse and 4/20mA outputs plus a display backlight. All five models are guaranteed for three years and are available from stock.

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