New BEKA Product Summary

New BEKA Product Summary

April 2009

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New BEKA Product Summary

BEKA associates have published a 2009 Product Summary that provides an overview of their extensive range of instrumentation for use in hazardous and safe areas. In addition to the well established range of 4/20mA loop powered indicators which now includes Ex d models, the ever increasing number of internationally certified intrinsically safe and Type n FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ and Profibus displays are featured.

Also included are serial text displays with recently introduced Modbus protocol, RS485 communication isolators, rate totalisers, counters, clocks, sounders, Panel lamps and beacons. Most BEKA instruments are available for evaluation on a three month sale or return basis allowing potential users to confirm performance in their application before purchase.

Copies of the new BEKA 2009 Product Summary may be requested from the BEKA sales office or downloaded from the BEKA website which also includes full descriptions of all products plus copies of safety certificates and Application Guides.

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