Display instrumentation for hazardous environments


BEKA associates manufactures an extensive range of powered hazardous and safe area display instrumentation. The recently updated third generation field and panel instruments include rate totalisers, tachometers, counters, timers and clocks.

There is now a simple-to-use dedicated model for most process flow, speed, counting and timing applications. All are robust, with large easy to read displays and a novel slide-in scalecard which can be pre-printed or marked on-site with the instrument’s units of measurement. To minimise cost, some features such as the display backlight, isolated analogue and alarm outputs are factory fitted accessories which may be omitted if not required.

A simple menu structure which is common throughout all BEKA instrumentation, supported by extensive documentation, makes these single function instruments easy to specify and configure. Although the configuration functions have self-explanatory names allowing easy on-site calibration, all models can be supplied, configured and calibrated with specified units of measurement and tag information printed on the slide-in scalecard for no additional charge.

All BEKA instruments are supported by a three year guarantee and for those wishing to try before they buy, a free three month sale or return evaluation service is available.

Gas and dust areas
Certified instruments for applications in gas and dust hazardous areas with IECEx, ATEX, US and Canadian intrinsic safety certification allow worldwide installation. For Zone 2 and 22 applications, international Ex nA and Ex tc approvals permitting installation without the need for Zener barriers or galvanic isolators significantly reduces cost.

Field and panel mounting models
Field mounting models have an IP66 impact resistant GRP case with an armoured glass window and stainless steel fittings suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. Accessories include pipe and panel mounting kits and a stainless steel legend plate that can be supplied laser engraved with customer specified information.

There is a choice of three types of panel mounting instrument with two display sizes. All have IP66 front of panel protection including rugged 316 stainless steel instruments with 10mm thick glass windows for applications in severe, hazardous, marine or safe environments. A new accessory kit increases the rear of panel ingress protection to IP66 and includes two M20 gland entries allowing panel instruments to be installed on open panels.

Rate totalisers
BEKA rate totalisers can simultaneously display the total and rate of flow in the same or different engineering units from almost any pulse output flowmeter. To minimise flowmeter errors they incorporate a square root extractor and a configurable lineariser. Two input models enable the sum or difference of two flowmeter outputs to be displayed.

Most industrial counting functions can be economically performed by these third generation pulse input counters which will operate with most sensors. The two input instruments can display the sum or difference of the inputs in engineering units. The two input counters can also decode the output from a quadrature transducer, enabling the counter to display the position and speed of a shaft or a cable, such as a mooring line or a winch cable.


Display rotary speed from almost any pulse output sensor, including a proximity detector or magnetic pick-off. To simplify maintenance, the tachometers also simultaneously show the monitored machinery’s run-time on a separate display.

Timers and clocks
These versatile one or two input instruments can be configured on-site as a timer or as a clock. As a timer they can measure and display the elapsed time between external events or, with optional dual outputs, control external devices. Control cycles can be repeated continuously or a specified number of times with a configurable delay between each cycle.

When configured as a clock the instruments display local time in a twelve or twenty four hour format and can be externally synchronised. The optional control outputs enable two external devices to be turned on and off at pre-set times twice in each twenty four hour period.