Rugged Set point station [set point generator], General purpose, panel mounting


  • Loop powered
  • Front panel push buttons
  • 5 digit 11mm high + bargraph
  • Panel mounting
  • -40 to + 70°C operation
  • Optional:
        Backlight - may be loop or separately powered
        BA490 Rotary encoder
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The BA627E-SS is a rugged general purpose panel mounting set point station [set point generator] which enables the current in a 4/20mA loop to be manually adjusted from within a process area. The instrument has a stainless steel enclosure with an armoured impact resistant windows which is suitable for applications in severe environments, particularly if the front of the instrument is likely to be impacted.

The set point station incorporates a 5 digit display plus a bargraph which can be calibrated to show the 4/20mA current in engineering units. Adjustment is via the front panel push buttons.

To select options for your application please refer to the following table.



BA627E-SS Set point station [set point generator]#
Mounting Rugged stainless steel
panel 105 x 60
Protection Front IP66, rear IP20
Display 5 digits 11mm high + bargraph
Control 4 front panel push buttons
Backlight, which may be loop or separately powered Yes
BA490 Rotary encoder Yes



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Declaration of Conformity PDF logodownload

# Shown with optional loop powered backlight.

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