New loop-powered rate totalisers

October 2000

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New loop-powered rate totalisers

BEKA associates have introduced a totally new range of loop-powered rate totalisers. Bringing the simplicity and economy of BEKA loop-powered indicators to flow measurement, these new instruments require no additional power supply and may be connected in series with the output from any 4/20mA flow meter to provide a simultaneous display of flow rate and total flow in the same or different engineering units.

The range includes panel and field mounting models for use in safe and hazardous areas. The intrinsically safe models have ATEX Group II Category 1G (EEx ia IIC T5) certification with input terminals complying with the requirements for simple apparatus allowing them to be connected in series with almost any 4/20mA intrinsically safe flow loop. For applications in lower risk Zone 2 hazardous areas, a field mounting model is available with EEx nL certification eliminating the need for Zener barriers or galvanic isolators.

The field mounting models have a robust IP66 GRP enclosure with a separate terminal compartment. Control push-buttons are located behind a sealed cover, but for applications requiring frequent adjustment a robust external membrane keypads can be fitted.

The two panel mounting models are housed in 144 x 72mm DIN enclosures which are only 84mm deep allowing installation in shallow cabinets. These instruments have IP65 front panel protection, and a gasket seals the joint between the instrument enclosure and the panel. Control and calibration is performed via four front panel push-buttons which can be protected from tampering or accidental adjustment by a user definable four digit security code.

Accessories include alarms which provide two independent rate or total galvanically isolated solid state outputs, and a display backlight to improve display contrast when the rate totaliser is installed in a poorly illuminated area.

All five models which are guaranteed for three years and are now available from stock. Instruments are supplied calibrated to customer's requirements free of charge.

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