Easy to read PROFIBUS PA Indicators and Displays

Easy to read

and Displays

New extended family of nine bus powered PROFIBUS PA Indicators and Displays that will satisfy most safe and hazardous area fieldbus display requirements. Panel and field mounting models with international intrinsic safety, Type n and nonincendive approvals permit worldwide installation in safe and hazardous areas.

Economical PROFIBUS PA Indicators display one of up to eight variables on a large easy to read five digit display and bargraph that may be configured as a PROFIBUS Node or as a PROFIBUS Listener. The fieldbus address may be entered via the instrument's push buttons, which also select the displayed variable and may be used to return operator acknowledgements to the system host.

Versatile PROFIBUS PA Displays have a backlit 120 x 64 pixel screen with eleven selectable formats allowing up to eight variables to be displayed simultaneously, some with bargraphs. When the process variables are shown on more than one screen, the displayed screen is selected via the instrument push buttons that may also be used to enter the instrument's address. Operator acknowledgements may be returned to the system host from the front panel push buttons or from up to six external switches. Optional isolated alarm outputs may be used to control up to six low power loads such as sounders, beacons or solenoid valves.

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