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October 2017 - Internal publication
Tachometers for safe and hazardous areas

June 2015 - Internal publication
Standards and certification for hazardous area instrumentation

February 2015 - Hazardex
Design & installation of 4-20mA loop powered indicators for use in Ex e enclosures

March 2014 - Measurement and Control
Early history of shunt diode safety barriers

March 2013 - Hazardex
The use of 4-20mA indicators in hazardous areas

September 2009 - Control Engineering website
Is the need for local plant indication a thing of the past?

August 2009 - Internal publication
Reducing the cost of hazardous area temperature measurement and display

February 2008 - Measurement + Control, Vol 41
Dynamic companions - a company focus

December 2006 - IEC website
Instruments for explosive atmospheres