Process panel meters, General purpose


  • Multicolour display
  • 5 digits 11mm high & bargraph
  • Current, voltage and RTD input
  • IP66 front of panel protection
  • Max and min display
  • Tare function
  • dc and mains powered models
  • Easy on-site scale card installation
  • Optional:
        Dual alarms
        Isolated 4/20mA output & 24V transmitter supply
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High quality universal process panel meters featuring a bold five digit display and bargraph visible in most lighting conditions. The display colour can be configured on-site to match other instrumentation and can change to show the meter's alarm status. The meters have process current, voltage and resistance thermometer inputs and are available for use with a low voltage dc or mains power supply.

The rugged A90-SS has a stainless steel enclosure and a toughened glass window suitable for installation in areas where it may be impacted.

Meters are supplied calibrated to customer's requirement including a printed scale card for no additional charge.




A90 Process panel meter A90-SS Process panel meters
Mounting Panel 96 x 48mm Rugged stainless steel
panel 105 x 60
Protection Front IP66, rear IP20
Display Any colour, 5 digits 11mm high and 31 segment bargraph
Control 4 front panel push buttons
Dual alarms each with a single
pole change over contact.
Isolated 4/20mA output with
isolated 24V transmitter
power supply.




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Note: Safe area use only.
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